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eBoken Körkort B - Swedish Driving License Book

Publisher: esydigi DLB

"eBoken Körkort B"


This is the new Swedish Driving License Book.

With new structure, content and over 1.000 images it will be a steady foundation for your driving education.


This e-book-app is a comprehensive training material, theory and practice in interaction according to Transportstyrelsens regulations on syllabus for eligibility B and driver test in Sweden.


For manual and automatic gearshifting, available in both swedish and english, driving license B. Email address to the author for questions regarding driving license theory in Sweden will be provided in the ebook-app, ask your ordinary teacher in first hand.

   *This book content covers 277 pages in A4-format.

Will be available this summer in july on...


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Price: 279 kr/yr until september 30

           then 349 kr


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